How To Deal With Current Sound Of A Speaker?

- Jun 20, 2018-

In our lives, there will always be such problems. When you are listening to music or watching movies, there will be murmurs in the speakers. This is particularly likely to affect your mood. So what happens when your home's speaker has a current sound and how do you clear the speaker noise?

Sound current sound, first of all we find out the source of the sound speaker "sizzle", we must first distinguish the reasons, and then targeted solutions.

1. Generally bad connection shield, or broken shield, and replace the new cable can solve.

2. The volume is adjusted to the lowest level is silent, then there should be no sound, if there is a "click" sound, it may be the power amplifier filter circuit electrolytic capacitor capacity change, or the capacity is too small, but in turn, open sound If there is a large "click" sound, it is caused by the poor audio input shield of the amplifier. Check and eliminate the shield fault and make the shield wire grounded.

3. The shell of each original must be grounded, and the audio input line must be shielded.

4. If the horn has "click" sound, this situation is mostly caused by the overall poor shielding, or the power transformer winding is not isolated between the initial and secondary. This time you can put the power plug down and try it out, if not enough, in the power input (transformer power input) in series with two 4700P working voltage 250V capacitor, the center tapping ground, but also to reduce noise.

Note: Please send professional repairs when internal faults involve issues such as circuit principles and maintenance techniques, as well as problems with power safety maintenance tools.



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