How to Deal with Common Audio Problems in Conference Systems?

- Jul 17, 2018-

Question 1: The noise is loud during the audio call.

The size of the noise mainly has two aspects. One is that there may be noise sources such as fans and air conditioners during the conference. However, the general conference audio pickup products will not have special noise processing, resulting in noise being picked up. Second, the audio is up, the volume of the recording is too large, resulting in a small motion with a large sound collection, causing noise, of course, sometimes there are some functions in the conference software, such as noise reduction, squelch and other functions When it conflicts with the software, it is easy to cause noise.

Question 2: I can hear my voice during the video conference.

During the video conference, I found that I could hear my voice and sent it back. For example, when many mobile phones use hands-free, it is easy to appear. This kind of audio equipment is not selected, although the video conference is now. The software has echo cancellation, but none of them can really eliminate the echo, so you need to match the front-end audio device. If the conditions are limited, the sensitivity of the audio input device can be reduced, the spatial distance of the sound pickup device and the speaker, the power amplifier, the sound reduction and the echo effect can be improved by the distance effect.

Question 3: There is no sound output in the video conference.

When encountering such problems, first check whether the local is normal. Generally, the speakers, software, computer recordings, etc. are used to analyze the local problems. If there is no problem in the local area, then the remote end is not transmitted, so the remote first needs to be Exclude the problem, whether the sound goes up (recording) is no problem. If there is really no problem, then check the video software to see if the audio input device is set to the pickup device you need. If not, please choose. Of course, some conference software needs to be the main person to speak; you need to open the corresponding function, and then test.

Question 4: The sound delay is quite serious.

When the sound delay is quite severe, first test whether the network is in good condition. If you are in the LAN, first search the LAN once to see if anyone is using the network to watch video or other software with large traffic. If so, pause first. See if the sound is continuous. If the network condition is not very stable, it is recommended to reduce the video stream and increase the audio bandwidth. Because the audio output generally does not require a large stream, the network speed is low, so the audio and video streams are slightly reduced. Although the quality will be limited, the effect will be improved.



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