How To Choose Professional Audio Cables?

- Jun 19, 2018-

In the audio engineering, the wire must be used. In fact, the choice of wire is also very important. If the wire is bad, there will be such things as signal loss, distortion, and the like. We all know that the signal transmission between analog digital devices in audio equipment systems must be interconnected with wires. Regardless of the system and the format of the system equipment, the wire used is critical. Sometimes the cable's AC characteristics are neglected in a certain area, and various types of transmission characteristics are used. Plugin features. Even with the best equipment, without the proper combination of audio cables and connectors, the best results of their equipment cannot be achieved. Therefore, how to choose the right wire is crucial.

The speaker cable that connects the audio power to the speakers is lining up to the final level of the entire combination. Same as the audio signal cable, the speaker cable also has the difference of metal material density, textile method, and length. The choice of the speaker cable, because it relates to the relative position of the speaker and amplifier changes, the choice of bulk wire to make more appropriate. However, it must be noted that whether or not the amplifier is symmetrical with respect to the position of the left and right channel speakers, and the two channel speaker lines cannot have a long or short length. For the length of the wire, the average household is 2 to 3 meters per channel. Same as the audio signal cable, the speaker cable can also be used for different lengths and "reconcile" the overall combination of the reduction effect.

In general, the sound of a single core wire is relatively fast and refreshing, and the sound of a multi-core wire is relatively mellow, but it is necessary to experiment if your equipment is suitable. This is true for almost all audio-related equipment. This is also a perplexing sound. Charm, the same set of equipment in different environments and conditions will have completely different results, so there must be a set of equipment in their own work environment with the placement and placement of the program, this program is only for you.

Ordinary audio systems use mostly copper wires, which can meet the requirements under normal circumstances. Signal distortion caused by wires is not noticeable. Professional high block audio equipment is very stringent requirements for connecting wires. The most basic requirement is that the impedance is low, and the DC resistance is not particularly different from the ordinary wire, but its AC impedance and impedance change with frequency is far less than that of ordinary wire. Since the audio signal contains rich higher harmonics, the higher the number of harmonics, the weaker the energy and the more easily consumed by the conductor resistance, which is the detail of the timbre structure of the sound signal, if ordinary wires are used Transmission, it is very easy to lose these high-order harmonics that represent the details of the timbre, so that the timbre lacks a sense of hierarchy.



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