How to Choose Noise-cancelling Headphones?

- Oct 19, 2018-

1. Look at the model and parameters

In general, the word "noise reduction" is indicated by the abbreviation "NC (Noise Cancelling)", so most noise canceling headphones models carry these two letters. Or there will be four words "active noise reduction". If the NC model can't find the NC, we can also look at the parameters. You can also see if there is a battery. Most of the active noise canceling headphones will have the words “how many decibels of noise reduction effect” on the box, generally the strongest drop. The noise effect can be up to 30 decibels to determine that this is an active noise canceling headset.

2. Select function

Because the noise-reducing earphones work without battery power, the noise-reducing earphones are basically equipped with a battery box, which of course becomes the wire controller of the earplugs. Taking into account the user's actual environment and methods, such as connecting the headset to the phone, this is a very common way to use, so some earphones are equipped with the function of answering the phone, with microphone noise reduction. There are some similar additional features; we can also have a targeted reference when choosing a product.

3. In the final analysis, this is an earplug

Just like the choice of ordinary earplugs, we still have to care about the basic quality of the product, whether the wire and connector parts are easily damaged, whether the sound quality is excellent or not. Due to the continuous improvement of the noise reduction industry, the noise reduction earphones and the ordinary earplugs of the same price have little difference in sound quality performance, which requires us to carefully select which brands of noise reduction headphones have strong noise reduction function. The sound quality is also good. Don't ignore other practical effects because you pay too much attention to brand names.



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