How To Avoid The Sound Trembling Focusing Feedback?

- Jun 20, 2018-

For sound trembling, sound focusing, and acoustic feedback, the sound reinforcement effect is not good. Some people attribute all the reasons to audio equipment. This is not appropriate. In fact, they all belong to the category of sound field.

Usually these problems do not happen from time to time, so they often cannot attract enough attention in general engineering. Even if these problems occur, many people do not realize that this is caused by the irrational sound field, or that they know that the sound field is not Reasonable, there is no way to solve it.

Sound chatter, such as sound system work is generally normal, but occasionally suddenly in the scene can hear rhythmic pulse-like "pop" or "click" sound, usually in a low-frequency band somewhere Most likely to happen. In the larger hall, this sound is longer than the direct sound, making people feel very uncomfortable. This is a kind of tremor.

The reason is that the sound is reflected back and forth between walls that are relatively parallel to each other in the hall. The reflection of the wall is very strong and the sound energy is hardly reduced. Therefore, it is required to check whether there are two strong reflections in the hall at the time of decoration. Large area parallel surfaces, there is not too much glass, stainless steel structure. These things that are common to the decoration company may lead to problems.

Acoustic focus occurs on the curved surface of some large decorative items or hanging curtains, curtains, etc. to reduce the possibility of acoustic focusing.

The early prevention of acoustic feedback is difficult, and the frequency of occurrence of feedback cannot be accurately predicted at the time of design.     However, the prevention of acoustic feedback is also more important for practical applications. Therefore, it is possible to analyze the frequency of different decorative materials when they are selected in the early stage of design. The sound absorption coefficient of the point is roughly judged with reference to the calculation of the reverberation time, and provides necessary reference for construction and debugging.

Of course, if you want to thoroughly solve the above problems, you can rely on the equipment debugging in the later period to improve. Generally after the completion of the project, use the signal generator and spectrum analyzer to detect the defects in the sound reinforcement area, and use the equipment to debug repeatedly. Make up for the lack of sound field.



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