How to Avoid Noise During Recording?

- Sep 26, 2018-

1. Reduce the noise generated by the power supply

In general, the noise generated by the power supply is caused by various electrical equipment using the same power source. There are some precautions in the recorder, but it is difficult to completely eliminate the noise. Therefore, noise devices that are prone to noise can only be eliminated during recording, and such devices are not used during recording.

2. Using a balanced cable

If the microphone is far from the recorder, you must use a balanced cable when you use an extension cable, and you will pick up the noise. Cable lengths are generally no longer than 30 meters. When laying cables, care should be taken not to be parallel to the power lines, to leave each other or perpendicular to each other.

3. Pay attention to the noise at the beginning of the recording and at the end of the recording

Before recording, you should adjust the recorder to the recording state to wait for recording, or adjust to the recording state before the tape is run. This can reduce the noise when starting the tape, so that the noise does not enter the recorded part. After the recording is finished, let the tape run for a few seconds and then stop the tape to avoid the noise of the button operation from entering the recording portion.

4. Pay attention to the noise generated by the switch, potentiometer

Sometimes noise is generated when operating the switch and adjusting the potentiometer. Therefore, before the recording, you should talk about the rotation of various originals to see if it is reliable. During the recording process, it is best not to touch the potentiometers and switches.



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