How To Adjust The Voice Of The Speaker?

- Jul 05, 2018-

(1) The pitch frequency of the language sound is 100HZ~1KHZ, and the overtone component can reach 8KHZ. The proportion of overtone components is small (about 5%), but it reflects the different pronunciation sounds of each person.

(2) Pickup microphone: Capacitor microphone (meeting microphone) or lavalier microphone is used to clamp the chest collar.

(3) Pickup position: 0.5m from the evolutionist, clip the clip-on microphone to the chest collar.

(4) Reverberation time: 0.5s or less.

(5) Adjustment: The speech should be clear, bright, full of vitality, and reduce the turbidity of the sound. Press the low-cut button on the input channel of the mixer to increase the medium-high frequency component by 3~6dB, and increase the component of 4~8KHz by about 4dB, and weaken the component above 8KHz to avoid the tooth sound.



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