How To Adjust The Voice Of The Show Host?

- Jul 05, 2018-

(1) The host of the program is mostly female, and the general voice is relatively bright. The pitch frequency of the vocalization ranges from 200Hz to 1.1KHz.

(2) Pickup microphone: The electric close-talk microphone is used to make the sound friendly and easy to communicate with the audience.

(3) Pickup position: Hand-held microphones pick up sounds at close range.

(4) Reverberation: Do not intentionally add reverberation, and use the natural reverberation of the hall.

(5) Adjustment: Balance compensation on the mixer, increasing the 3~6KHz component by 3dB~6dB, making the sound clear and translucent, intimate and touching, reducing the component above 6KHz and reducing the possible tooth sound. At the same time, maintain a moderate volume, so that the rear concept can also hear the sound.



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