How to Adjust the String Music Sound?

- Sep 05, 2018-

(1) The frequency range of various the violin family: Violin is 200Hz~3.5kHz; Viola is 134Hz~1.1kHz; Cello is 72~640Hz; Double Bass is 42~250Hz.

(2) Pickup microphone: condenser microphone or ribbon microphone.

(3) Pickup position: Align the resonance box diagonally above, and the distance is about 1m. The violin is farther away. The cello and double bass are closer.

(4) Reverberation time: about 1s in the full field, it is best to add a reflector next to the violin, and the floor below the cello should be carpeted.

(5) Adjustment: The channel's parametric equalizer is used to compensate the corresponding vocal frequency range on the mixer, so that the tone is pure, the timbre is superior, and the taste is intriguing. Use the effect machine to add a proper amount of reverberation, and control the reverberation time to be around 1s. If it is the main tone, put the pan adjustment knob on the channel in the middle position, and push the fader to highlight the leading role of the tone. If it is an accompaniment, place the pan adjustment knob of the channel in another position and the fader in the lower position.



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