How To Adjust The Keyboard Music (Such As Piano) Sound?

- Jul 05, 2018-

(1) Frequency range of vocalization: The frequency range of the piano is very wide, ranging from 28 Hz to 4.3KHz.

(2) Pickup microphone: Capacitive microphone is used.

(3) Pickup position: 1~2m from the diagonal of the back of the string, the zero axis of one microphone is aligned with the central part C of the key, and the other two microphones are 50cm apart, which are placed side by side.

(4) Reverberation time: 0.6s in full field.

(5) Adjustment: The piano playing dynamic changes greatly. The process of collecting sound should pay attention to the balance of each range. If it is the main music, the fader is pushed up and the sound image adjustment knob is placed in the middle position. If used as an accompaniment, the fader position is lowered and the pan adjustment knob is placed in other positions.



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