How to Adjust the Electric Guitar Pickup?

- Aug 03, 2018-

An electric guitar pickup is a device that converts a vibration signal into an electrical signal in an electric guitar, and functions as a microphone. It can be divided into: active pickups and passive pickups.

Passive pickups need to adjust the height of the guitar. If you need some heavy or strong sounds, then it is better to turn up your pickup. There is a standard, if your pickup is too high, the tone will not be better, but it will affect. Passive electric guitar pickups use a magnet bar. Such a raw material makes a bad pickup lose sound when the string is pushed.

The active pickup uses a magnetic strip magnet. This kind of magnet has a large power, and the situation of losing the sound is not very obvious, so the height requirement is not so much, so we do not need to deliberately adjust.



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