How to Adjust EQ in the Recording Studio?

- Sep 21, 2018-

When we are recording in the studio, if you are not satisfied with your own voice, you can actually fix it with EQ. This is often used in recording, and it is a very good tool. So how do you adjust EQ in the studio?

1. Try to reduce the dB by a factor of 200 to 500 Hz. This is because when the microphone is too close to the instrument or speaker, it will cause a proximity effect.

2. Sweep until you find a frequency that jumps out. If the frequency is too sharp and too harsh, setting the cut 8 or 10dB will work.

3, according to the demand attention frequency to set the amount of removal, excessive cutting will make the sound thin.

4. If you need to make the sound brighter, you can increase the brightness by 5kHz to 10kHz in the high frequency.

5. If you need some audible sound during the recording process, go to 10kHz to 15kHz to add a little.



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