How Should The Speakers Be Placed?

- Jul 03, 2018-

The correct placement of the speaker position is one of the factors for good sound reproduction. The following issues must be noted when placing:

1. The distance between the two speakers is not less than 1.5~2 meters and keeps the same level. The left and right sides of the speaker should be the same distance from the wall. There should be no debris in front of the speaker.

2. The tweeter of the speaker and the ear of the listener should maintain the same horizontal line. The listener should have a 60-degree angle between the two speakers, and there should be some space behind the listener.

3. The walls on both sides of the two speakers should be acoustically consistent, that is, the reflection of sound waves on the walls on both sides should be the same.

4. If the sound wave of the speaker is not wide, you can place the two speakers slightly to the inside.

5. For small speakers, if you feel that the low frequency is not enough, you can place the speakers near the corner.



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