How Should Airflow Bass Speakers Be Placed?

- Jul 17, 2018-

The airflow speaker is a speaker that does not directly radiate out the sound of the speaker. According to technical terms, it is a speaker that is not directly coupled to the air by the speaker diaphragm (tray). In the professional sound category, the airflow speaker is usually a subwoofer. The modern airflow subwoofer uses advanced aerodynamics to apply a large diaphragm vibration that can be produced by the bass, completes intense airflow changes, and uses this airflow variation to enhance bass transmission. The airflow subwoofer not only makes the bass farther due to the aerodynamic characteristics, but also makes the bass more and more beautiful due to its excellent acoustic characteristics.

The airflow subwoofer can be easily identified from the outside. It is a subwoofer that is facing outwards, facing inward (reverse) or not directly looking at the front of the woofer. Currently the most common is in the speaker. Tibetan subwoofer and speaker reverse button subwoofer. They mainly rely on the characteristics of the airflow propagating through the sound, intermittently sending out a group of bass airflows to the space, and propagating the sound waves by means of the airflow group, instead of transmitting sound energy to the air by simple wave radiation characteristics, the bass can be transmitted further.

Airflow subwoofers are relatively comfortable in terms of placement and installation, ie they can be hung in the air or placed directly in the air. But generally speaking, it is better to put the airflow subwoofer in the air. This is because the airflow subwoofer uses air transmission, so the bass has a certain directivity, even if there is acoustic radiation. However, the proportion of acoustic radiation is also small, so the reflected sound content after reaching the reflective interface is also small, and the bass reflex volume is moderate. The subwoofer is placed directly in the air, which can fully play the role of the air, which is equivalent to the extension of the bass horn. Such a large bass horn makes the sound resistance of the lower limit frequency of the speaker more closely match, and the bass sounds thicker and fuller.



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