How Is the Feedback Suppressor Connected?

- Oct 24, 2018-

First, just like the peripherals and other peripheral devices connected in series in the sound system, knowing how it is connected, let us look at the advantages of this connection: connection and operation is very simple, suitable for simpler systems. However, there are also disadvantages. The disadvantage is that this connection method also affects other source signals passing through the feedback suppressor when suppressing the microphone sound feedback.

Second, you can also use the INS in the mixer channel to insert the plug-in interface, and connect the feedback suppressor separately in the corresponding channel. The advantage of this connection is that the feedback suppressor can be adjusted to the maximum extent without regard to the adjustment will affect other sources. However, its disadvantage is that with this connection method, a feedback suppressor can only control up to 2 channels of the mixer, and the device utilization is too low.

Thirdly, the INS insertion and insertion interface in the mixer group is used to connect the feedback suppressor in the corresponding grouping channel. The advantage of this connection mode is that the microphones programmed into the group can be processed centrally. And it will not affect other sources. In summary, because this method can make full use of the feedback suppressor, it is also the most widely used connection method.



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