How Does the MIDI System Work?

- Sep 04, 2018-

The core part of the MIDI composer and verifier system is software called a sequencer. This software can be installed on a personal computer or in a dedicated hardware. The sequencer is actually a word porcessor that can be used to record, play, and edit songs played by various MIDI instruments. The sequencer does not really record sound. It only records and plays MIDI information. The information from the MIDI instrument is like the score on the paper. It can't directly generate music. MIDI itself can't produce music. , but it contains all the instructions needed to generate music, such as what instrument to use, what notes to play, how fast to play, how strong to play, and so on.

The sequencer can be either hardware or software. It works like a multitrack recorder in a professional studio. It can record many independent sounds in the sequencer. The only difference is that the sequencer only records the MIDI data when playing. It does not record sound; it can be recorded on track orbit, or it can be modified on a track. When you play keyboard music, the sequencer records the MIDI data from the keyboard. Once you have stored the required data, you can play the song you just made. If you think that the part of this part is good, you can add other parts, and the newly added part will be completely synchronized with the first part when playing.



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