How Does the Audio Processor Work?

- Jul 16, 2018-

The audio processor is one of the important devices for broadcasting radio stations. It can automatically process unstable audio signals to obtain a stable output signal, which has a significant effect on improving the quality of broadcast station production, broadcast and transmission. It can be widely used in FM, AM, mono and stereo broadcast stations, TV stations and so on.

Its working principle is: it can compress and limit the audio signal, automatically adjust the program level through automatic gain control function, its various frequency pre-correction and asymmetric processing of the program signal through phase processing.

When the signal level is too large, the subsequent channel is overloaded and distorted, which seriously affects the sound quality. When the signal level is too small, the receiver cannot find the synchronization signal, making the sound blurred, making the audio loudness lower, and affecting the listening effect.

Proper use and proper position to install the audio processor not only improve the listening loudness of the broadcast and prevent signal level overload distortion, but also improve the sound quality and further improve the broadcast quality.



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