How Does Sound Equipment Vibration Affect Sound Quality?

- Jan 08, 2019-

  Audio equipment is afraid of vibration, vibration will affect the sound quality. This is what everyone understands. The vibration sources that affect audio equipment include drive motors, transformer magnetic induction, and speaker reproduction sound waves. In order to avoid the impact of vibration on the sound reproduction of the equipment, in addition to the shock absorbers and shock absorbing measures taken by the equipment itself, various shock absorbers have emerged, and there are many kinds.

  In nature, each object has its own resonant frequency. Each material has its own natural resonant frequency due to its own density, and its conduction performance is different for each vibration frequency. Therefore, for shock absorbers, the physical characteristics of the materials used are crucial. At present, the materials for making shock absorbers can be roughly divided into five types:

  1. High modulus of elasticity and low damping materials, such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel and ceramics, the peak shape of this material is sharp, the vibration transmission capacity around 40Hz varies greatly with frequency, and the transmission ability is softer at high frequency. 

  2. Medium damping coefficient of damping materials, such as wood, vibration transmission capacity between metal and rubber;

  3. Low elastic modulus and high damping materials, such as rubber, the transmission capacity of vibration near 200Hz fluctuates with frequency;

  4. Ultra-low elastic modulus materials, such as sponges, the vibration transmission capacity decreases steadily with increasing frequency, has little effect on frequency changes, but is difficult to transmit to high-frequency vibrations;

  5. Composite materials such as stainless steel and rubber.

  Acoustic equipment suspension can usually be attributed to two types, one is to use a solid wooden cabinet or metal cabinet to place equipment as a shelf, and the other is to use a nail, a shock pad or other things to carry the equipment and the rack, and the frame is isolated from the ground. However, the sound characteristics of the audio equipment are given by the designer, so not every type of equipment can be suitable for use with various shock absorbers. What kind of suspension method should be adopted according to the actual situation.



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