How Does Simultaneous Recording Guarantee Clarity?

- Aug 08, 2018-

Simultaneous recording refers to the recording of the sound while recording the picture, rather than dubbing it in the studio. This kind of shooting is more realistic and livelier. When recording during the same period, you must ensure the clarity of the sound.

When shooting news, special topics and other programs, the surrounding environment is often harsh, the noise is loud, and the definition is relatively low. This requires us to choose a directional microphone as much as possible in the selection of the microphone. However, if the operation is not correct, the directional microphone is not correct to the speaker, and the result is the same as the frequency characteristic. If the front of the microphone is facing the noise source, it will also record a lot of noise.

In the process of actual simultaneous recording, it is necessary to have a full understanding of the shooting environment. We should try our best to reduce the useless background noise according to the actual situation. The specific method is as follows: the acoustic microphone is as close as possible to the respondent's mouth, and the super-directional microphone is used, so that the noise source is outside the microphone directivity; the interviewer should try to arrange it away from the noise source and stop the noise source.

In addition, the reverberation time of the shooting space is also an important reason that affects the clarity of the sound. Before we collect the simultaneous sound, we must not only know the shooting location, but also determine what type of microphone to use based on the program needs and the environment of the venue.



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