How Does DSLR Connect Microphone?

- May 21, 2018-

Hand-held condenser microphone: Hand-held condenser microphone first needs to install a DC battery to power the microphone. After the microphone is installed, the microphone reed switch can be pushed to the upper end of the microphone to work. The microphone and the sound card are connected by first connecting the microphone XLR to the microphone tail, and the other end of the microphone cable to the microphone input jack of a computer, a sound card, a mixer, and a power amplifier. Connecting a mixer, power amplifier and other equipment requires 3.5 to 6.35 adapters.

Large, medium and small diaphragm and electronic tube, vacuum tube condenser microphone: This kind of microphone is called professional recording condenser microphone. The method of use is to first mount the microphone on the shockproof frame at the front end of the bracket, and then insert one end of the male and female XLR cables into the bottom jack of the microphone, and connect the other end to the XLR connector of the phantom power or the mixer. Connect the microphone cable to the phantom power and sound card on the XLR connector of the power supply. After finishing, turn on the power switch of the console or phantom power, and then use it.