How Does A Wireless Microphone Work?

- Nov 09, 2018-

Wireless microphone consists of two parts: transmitting and receiving. Wherein, the transmitting part is powered by the battery, and the microphone converts the sound into an audio signal, and the radio wave of the audio information is transmitted to the surrounding space through internal circuit processing.

The receiving part is generally powered by a power source. First, the receiving antenna receives the radio wave emitted by the transmitting part, and then is processed by the internal circuit to extract the audio signal, and then transmitted to the sound amplification system through the output signal line to complete the wireless signal transmission.

Learn how wireless microphones work. Let's talk about what to look out for when using a wireless microphone.

First, pay attention to impedance matching

The output impedance of the wireless microphone is the same as the input impedance of the amplifier, which is the best match. If the mismatch ratio exceeds 3:1, it will affect the audio transmission effect. Although it can be used, the high and low frequency sounds will have obvious loss.

Second, pay attention to working distance and near-talk effect

When the handheld wireless microphone speaks or sings, the working distance between the microphone and the mouth is generally suitable at 750px-1000px. If the distance is too far, the reverberation will increase. If the distance is too close, the audio will be distorted due to excessive signal, which affects the definition. It is the “near talk effect”, and the low frequency sound will be significantly improved when broadcasted at close range.

Of course, the effect of the near-talk effect on the sound is not completely unacceptable. Professional singers with rich experience and deep knowledge sometimes use this effect to change the sound effect.

Third, pay attention to the angle between the sound source and the microphone

Wireless microphones have a certain effective angle. Normally, the sound source should be aligned with the center line of the microphone as much as possible, because the larger the angle of deviation, the greater the loss of effect.

Fourth, pay attention to the position and height of the wireless wheat

Sometimes when we turn on the microphone, we will hear a sharp, harsh sound. This is due to the proximity of the microphone and the speaker. It will be fine if you take it a little further.

When using the microphone stand, the height of the wireless microphone should be consistent with the height of the performer's mouth to avoid excessive or too low effects on the radio.

Five, pay attention to remove the battery in time

Wireless microphones generally need to be equipped with a battery. If the battery voltage drops, the sensitivity of the microphone will decrease and the distortion will increase. Therefore, when not using it for a long time, be sure to remove the battery in time after using the battery for a while, even if the battery is used. If you haven't used it completely, you should replace it with a new one.


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