How Can UHF Wireless Microphones Improve Reception?

- Jul 23, 2018-

Most high-end wireless microphones use UHF technology, and the chances of being disturbed during use are much smaller. The propagation characteristics of UHF are more transmitted by direct radiation, and of course have a certain penetration ability. If you encounter an object with electromagnetic wave absorption characteristics (such as a metal substance), it will be powerless. Let's explore how several wireless microphones in special cases can improve the stability of reception.

1. (1) There is no problem with the microphone when there are few people in a large performance. When there are many people, there is a frequency break. It is mentioned above that the propagation of UHF channels is generally direct radiation, and some can also reach the receiver by penetrating obstacles and refraction. When there are few people, the surrounding area is empty and the refraction cannot exist. When there are many people, the main console is usually placed in the listening position of the audience, and the antenna of the receiver is blocked by the audience. Although the UHF signal can penetrate a part of the viewer's body to reach the receiving antenna, the more objects the signal penetrates, the greater the attenuation. When the antenna arrives, its power may not be enough to open the receiver's sensitivity gate. This has caused a phenomenon of frequency cut. The solution is as follows: If a single wireless microphone is used and the microphone has sensitivity adjustment, then we will adjust the sensitivity of the receiver to the maximum. If there is also a frequency-breaking phenomenon, an auxiliary device is needed to improve the receiver sensitivity to solve the frequency-breaking problem.   (2) When using multiple sets of wireless microphones, you can add another type of device antenna splitter. This kind of device can make several sets of microphones share one antenna through the internal matching circuit, and then cooperate with the antenna amplifier to solve the problem of stable reception when multiple sets of microphones are used at the same time.

2. In large-scale occasions, due to the large space for the microphone user to move, the transmission distance of the wireless microphone cannot meet the needs. It is well known that the standard transmit power of wireless microphones is 10 MW. Due to the propagation in air and the blocking and absorption of some substances, the distance of propagation is very limited. In addition, the sensitivity setting of the receiver will also have a certain receiving distance influences. If the environment used has strong electromagnetic interference or electromagnetic shielding, the distance of the launch will have a great influence. If the antenna distributor and the antenna amplifier are used together, the problem of disconnection can be largely avoided. If you want to ensure strong reception stability, you can use the microphone's automatic selection function.



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