How Can A Wireless Microphone Avoid Interference from A Karaoke Machine?

- Apr 19, 2019-

Reasons why wireless microphones are subject to interference:

Wireless microphones have become an indispensable device in home karaoke equipment, but it has been found that good wireless microphones used in the home, when used together with a new karaoke machine or DVD, will produce amazing noise. Is there a problem with the wireless microphone?

Of course, the quality of the wireless microphone is not a problem, but because the radiation noise of today's karaoke machines or DVDs is too high, causing interference to the wireless microphone receiver.

Why are wireless microphones interfered with by karaoke machines or DVDs?

Since the wireless microphone receiver is preset at the factory, the mute control starting voltage (Squelch Level) is preset to a lower level to improve the sensitivity and increase the receiving distance, so that it is susceptible to noise interference and output murmur during use. . In order to avoid noise interference, the mute control level is increased, so that the noise signal cannot start the receiver, but the sensitivity of the receiver becomes very low, so the use distance of the wireless microphone becomes very short. Since the wireless microphone is used even at close range, its emission intensity will change continuously with the user's movement or environmental changes. When the wireless microphone moves a little distance or changes some angles, its transmitted signal strength is low. In the noise intensity, the noise immediately replaces the signal of the wireless microphone, and the noise is loudly output from the receiver instantaneously. Although some advanced receivers have a noise control circuit to suppress the noise from continuing to output, but when the action is suppressed, a short murmur will also burst.



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