High-power Amplifiers Should not be Used in Public Address Systems

- Nov 05, 2018-

From the internal structure of the power amplifier with large output power, it can be found that in order to take care of the size and cost of the cabinet, the power transformer and the output transformer of such machines use 100% of the toroidal transformer. Due to its high efficiency and small size, toroidal transformers are widely used in home audio and professional audio fields. It is a bit wrong to copy it into a power amplifier in a public address system.

Therefore, we believe that it is not appropriate to use a power amplifier with a large output power in a public address system.

There are two reasons:

First, the toroidal transformer is not suitable for long-term heavy load operation. The public broadcasting system is different from home audio and professional audio. In many occasions, it needs to run continuously for more than 10 hours or even 24 hours. For this kind of "bad" environment, the toroidal transformer will be overwhelmed.

The second is to consider the heat dissipation problem of the power amplifier and the stability of the system. At the same time, in order to facilitate daily maintenance and improve the interchangeability of the equipment, the amplifier with large output power should not be selected. Imagine that a system is equipped with an amplifier with a large output power, and the machine has failed. If the system is equipped with 2-3 low-power amplifiers, one of them will be broken, and the whole system will not be paralyzed. Furthermore, the greater the power is, the longer the working time, and the higher the probability of failure.



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