Functions and Features of Digital Sound Console

- Sep 17, 2018-

1. Memory storage for each tuning link

In general, some digital mixing consoles have a stored memory space for the scene memory, which can be used to store the current state including equalization, pressure limit, internal effects, and split level, total path level, etc., so Some regular shows that are often performed can have a relatively stable tuning standard. There are also digital mixers that can set the split and/or push transition time at different positions of the two scenes during the two storage scene transitions, which can produce automatic fade in and fade out effects. In the local, the balance, the pressure limit, the machine effect link has a certain user program space, which can be used to store various user-adjusted processing parameters;

2. The database function of the audio processing link

In the audio processing links such as equalization, compression limit there are many existing standard processing mode programs that can be called according to different sound sources, occasions, and signal characteristics. Although this is similar to the way of a fool camera, it should not be completely copied, because different program sources and scenes always have their own particularities, and it is impossible to be absolutely the same, but the processing mode provides a general treatment method, which can be adjusted on this basis. . In addition, the database is equivalent to the role of textbooks and materials, providing parameters for various processing modes.

3. The increase of audio processing link unit

Some digital mixers have units such as delays, voltage limiters, and the like in their shunts and/or mains. Such settings are not achievable with a typical analog mixer, which is equivalent to adding many peripherals. The device is connected from the disconnected jack of the mixer, which makes the configuration of the sound system simple and functional.

4. Flexible combination exchange of various links inside the mixer

This type of function is quite different in different mixers, but it is realized by flexible processing of digital signals. Such as the change of the level indication point, the two-input signal exchange path, the direct grouping and mute grouping of the split, the tuning control state of one branch, and the copying of other branches.



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