Frequency Band Effects On Sound

- Jul 18, 2018-

20Hz--60Hz part: This low frequency often gives a very loud feeling, such as thunder, is a strong and powerful feeling in music. If the elevation is too high, it will be turbid and the clarity will be poor.

60Hz--250Hz part: This frequency includes the main tone of the pitch and rhythm sounds, and its ratio to the high-pitched sound constitutes the balance characteristic of the tone structure; the strong tone is full, the weak tone is thin, and the strong is the rumble.

250Hz--2KHz part: It includes the low frequency overtones and lower harmonics of most instruments.

2KHz—4KHz part: This frequency is an intermediate frequency. If it is raised too high, it will cover up the speech recognition tone, especially if the 3KHz boost is too high, it will cause hearing fatigue.

4KHz--5KHz part: This is a frequency band with a sense of presence that affects the clarity of sounds such as languages and instruments. Raising this frequency band makes people feel that the distance between the sound source and the listener is a little closer; if the attenuation is 5 kHz, the distance of the sound will be farther; if it is raised by 6 dB at around 5 kHz, the sound of the whole mixed sound will be made. The power is increased by 3dB.



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