Four Ways to Record Sound

- Aug 07, 2018-

According to the requirements of different TV programs, the requirements for the recording process of sound are not the same. For example, programs with high artistic requirements such as movies generally require simultaneous recording, while fast-moving consumer products such as TV dramas generally require post-recording, while songs and dances, music films, etc. It is a pre-recording.

In general, sound recording methods can be divided into four types:

1. Pre-recording: This type of recording is usually performed in a recording room or in a studio, such as shooting songs and dances, music films, usually using pre-recording methods. In some teaching films, the teacher's voice is also recorded first, and then the screen is matched.

2. Simultaneous recording: The recording process while recording in the studio or on-site is the same period recording. Recorders should pay attention to the basic adjustment of the proportional relationship of several sounds when shooting the scene. The ideal low noise shooting area must be chosen to prevent noise interference.

3. Post-recording: Refers to the method of recording according to the content and motion of the screen after the screen is taken. The dubbing work is usually carried out in a special studio or recording studio. The lip-type dubbing is the most complicated, requiring the dubbing actor to repeatedly watch the picture and align the mouth shape to achieve synchronization of the sound and picture.

4. Mixed recording: Mixed recording is an important means of actual sound and picture synthesis of film and television programs, and an important creative process for the overall conception of sound. Through the artistic processing of sound, the sound and picture are organically combined to achieve the perfection and unification of audiovisual art.



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