Four Troubleshooting Tips for High-pitched Speakers

- Jul 18, 2018-

Long-term use of tweeters, the occurrence of fault problems is difficult to avoid, users often do not know how to deal with the malfunction of the tweeter, in order to solve your confusion, today teach you a few small tricks to quickly troubleshoot the tweeter.

First, measure the DC resistance. Use the R*1 file to measure the DC resistance between the two pins of the tweeter. Normally, it should be slightly smaller than the impedance of the nameplate. For example, an 8 ohm tweeter measures a resistance of about 7 ohms. Measuring the resistance to infinity, or much greater than its nominal impedance value, indicates that the tweeter has failed.

Second, visual inspection. Check the tweeter for any rupture of the cone, and the tweeter with this fault will be replaced.

Third, listen to the sound. When measuring the DC resistance, disconnect one of the rods intermittently, you should be able to hear the high-pitched sound of the tweeter, the louder the better, no sound indicates that the tweeter voice coil is stuck.

Fourth, the magnetic inspection. Use a screwdriver to test the magnetism of the magnet. The stronger the magnetic is, the better. If the magnetism is weak, it indicates that the tweeter has a hidden trouble.

Use the above method to check the fault of the tweeter, and then carry out relevant repair processing in time. If the cone breaks, it should be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the tweeter component. In addition, daily use should also pay attention to the regular inspection of the tweeter to reduce the occurrence of troubles.



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