Four Standards for Judging Professional Power Amplifier

- Aug 23, 2018-

The power amplifier, commonly known as the "amplifier", is the most basic device in the audio system. Its task is to amplify the weak electrical signal from the signal source (in the professional audio system from the mixer) to drive the speaker to make a sound. Power is so important in the entire audio system, so how to judge the quality of professional amplifiers?

We can pick out the best performing speakers (vocal, instrumental, dance music and microphone) and use this speaker to PK amplifier. The methods and measures of pros and cons are as follows:

1. Use the same sound source, the same recognized best speaker, the same song, PK machine or PK line to instantly switch to PK to compare two amplifiers, pay attention to the switching sound quality, tone and music dynamic changes, and finally pick out The best performance amplifier on site.

2. If the power of the amplifier is large, the sound of the speaker will be strong and dynamic, full of dynamics, and the rhythm will be clean and neat, while the sound of the small power amplifier will feel a little weaker and the sound will be slightly smaller.

3. The power of the power amplifier is high, and the power is low. In addition, the power amplifier with a large enough power to push the speaker in addition to the sound is good, it will make the sound system more stable, but the power is equal to the speaker or less than the speaker, the sound is easy to be distorted, and it is easier to burn the speaker (civil HiFi's amplifier is exceptional).

4. One of the most important indicators of a good amplifier is that the sound quality is clean and natural, and the layers are distinct and the listening sound is soft, while the poor power amplifier is not clean and the sound is rough. In the case that the sound source and the speaker and the disc (the song) are relatively good, the performance of the power amplifier is easier to identify by PK.



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