Four Keys to Improving Sound Performance

- Jul 17, 2018-

1. Choose the right audio rack.

When setting up the stereo, it is necessary to choose a suitable audio rack. The frame protects the machine from vibration. It is best to keep a certain distance between each machine to facilitate heat dissipation. When buying a rack, you should buy more layers, which can save costs. Moreover, the racks are also different in type, and the wheels are easy to clean, the nails are fixed, and the sound is better. It is better to choose a rack that has both advantages.

If the rack can bear the weight, sand can be sanded in the hollow structure of the rack, which can effectively prevent the sound from being loud when the sound volume is large. The racks of different materials also have their own lengths, the glass is beautiful, but the medium density fiberboard is better.

2. The correct placement of the speaker.

The placement of the speakers is also an important factor affecting the sound quality. When the speaker is placed against the wall, a "standing wave" will form at the corner of the wall, which will interfere with the music. The solution is to stack some expired magazines in the corner, which can absorb the standing waves very well. If the room conditions are limited, you can only put the speaker on the wall, and far away from the wall, and then you can put the bookcase, wine cabinet and other furniture on the far side of the wall, so that the sound waves on the side can be refracted.

The best position of the speaker is that the distance between the speakers is about 2 meters. There is nothing in the middle. The distance between each sound and the side wall and the back wall is more than 0.5 meters. The listening position and the two speakers are equilateral triangles. The speaker is facing inwards, facing the listener.

3. A better listening environment.

A good listening environment is also very important. Usually, the cement-built house has heavy water absorption and a stable structure, and the sound is solid. The tile room sounds more reflective, resulting in too much reverberation of the sound, it will appear very empty, in this case can lay some carpet to reduce the reflection of the sound.

The listening room should also be decorated according to your own preferences. If you like to listen to pop music, then it is not suitable for carpeting, because the carpet will absorb too many high notes, and the opposite of listening to classical music.

4. The choice of speaker cable.

Speaker cables can't be easily matched, and good signal lines can improve the sound effect and make the sound more transparent and pure. The price of signal lines on the market is very different, and the quality is also very different, but it is not necessarily high, it is good, or it should be reasonably matched according to the personality of the equipment.



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