Four Key Points of Tone Adjustment

- Sep 20, 2018-

1. The signal source

The function of the power amplifier is to amplify and output the weak level signal source to the speaker, and then the sound frequency of the speaker unit in the speaker emits various frequencies, that is, the high, medium and low sounds we hear, if the signal the source has noise (distortion) or some signal components are lost after compression. After the power amplifier is amplified, these noises will be amplified larger, and the missing components will not be released. Therefore, the sound source used in our evaluation of the sound is good. Bad is critical.

2. The equipment itself

That is to say, the power amplifier should have high signal-to-noise ratio, wide effective frequency response, and low distortion. The effective frequency of the speaker should be wide, the frequency response curve should be flat, and the frequency response can reach 20Hz--20KHz. It can be said that it is very good. A speaker can reach 20Hz--20KHz+3%dB is very rare, there are a lot of audio on the market that the high frequency can reach 30 or even 40KHz, which shows that the sound quality is constantly improving, but our normal human ears Signals above 20KHz are difficult to distinguish, so it is not necessary to pursue some ultra-high frequencies that we can't hear. Only the flatness of the frequency response curve can realistically reproduce the original sound. The power depends on the size of the area used. To be proportional, if the area is too small and the power is too large, a large sound pressure will cause too much reflection, making the tone become turbid, and vice versa. The power of the amplifier is 20% to 50% better than the power of the speaker in the impedance matching. The bass will be stronger and stronger, the middle and high sound levels will be clearer, and the sound pressure will not be so easily distorted.

3. The user itself

Some people buy audio for display, some people want to enjoy music, and some to show off, simply say that if a person can't even distinguish between high and low sounds, can you hear what is good sound quality? In addition to listening to it will be used, some people installed the audio, the installation technician adjusted the effect of the simple talk, the result is one day accidentally who is curious to move some knobs, the effect can be imagined, here is not To say what technology to understand, just like we drive at least to understand the role of each switch, button, knob, in order to play the performance and safety of this car.

4. The use of the environment

Everyone knows that when there is no room for people in the empty room, the echo is very loud when they are high-pitched and talking. This is because there are no sound-absorbing materials or sound absorption on the six sides of the room, and the sound is reflected. The sound is the same. If the sound is not good, the sound will not be good, especially if the sound is slightly louder, it will be very boring and harsh. Of course, some people say that it is impossible for the family to do the same as the professional audition room. You can do a good job of money. For example, an embroidery picture on a large wall has a good-looking and sound-absorbing picture. The glass window is hung with a thick cotton curtain. The carpet is laid on the ground, even if it is a decorative carpet in the middle of the ground. The effect will be surprising. If you want to do better, you can hang some soft and non-smooth decorations on the wall or top, which is both beautiful and less reflective.



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