Four Common Wireless Bridge Transmission Modes

- Oct 30, 2018-

There are four common wireless bridge transmission modes. The distribution is point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, relay, and reflection. The characteristics of these four wireless bridge transmission modes are:

1. Point-to-point transmission

The point-to-point transmission mode is the simplest transmission mode, which is what we often call PTP, which is transmitted by a single device and then received by a single device. One-to-one transmission and reception are simple and direct. The point-to-point transmission mode of the wireless bridge is often used for transmission distances, or the distribution of monitoring points is extensive, and point-to-multipoint transmission cannot be achieved.

2. Point to multipoint transmission

The point-to-multipoint transmission mode is developed based on the point-to-point transmission mode. It is often used as a receiver to multiple transmitters. It is often used for transmission distances, monitoring points and dense distribution.

3. Relay transmission

The relay transmission mode is because the transmitting end and the receiving end block the microwave signal because there is an obstacle that cannot be avoided, so the relay device is added in the middle, so that the microwave signal is smoothly transmitted to the receiving end through the relay device, and this mode is increased. Transfer equipment increases the cost of equipment, so it is generally not used when it is not necessary.

4. Reflection transmission

The reflection transmission is carried out by means of an object other than the transmission device for microwave transmission and transmission. For example, the transmitting end and the receiving end cannot perform the viewing, but there is a large building or a smooth rock wall in the middle, so that wireless communication is performed by reflecting microwave signals from buildings or mountains by adjusting the angle of the device.



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