Four Common Problems in Sound System Engineering

- Jul 17, 2018-

1. KTV speaker placement is not reasonable.

The placement of the speaker is very important; it not only affects the sound pressure distribution uniformity of the listening room, but also affects the use of the sound system. There is no uniform regulation for the installation and placement of the speakers, which should be flexibly placed according to the site and usage. It should be noted that when placing the speaker, avoid the microphone facing the speaker, otherwise it is easy to produce howling.

2. The amplifier is not installed correctly.

Usually only a large, professional sound reinforcement system will be equipped with a dedicated power amplifier room, and a dedicated power amplifier cabinet will be used to place the power amplifier. In most cases, due to limited conditions, we can only install the amplifier in the same cabinet as other system equipment. However, be careful when installing the amplifier. The amplifier must be placed on the shelf of the cabinet and then secured with panel screws.

3. The sound system equipment configuration is not reasonable.

Configuring a good set of audio equipment is a prerequisite for good sound quality. When configuring the audio system equipment, the grades of each piece of equipment should not be too different. It is necessary to avoid the equipment with high quality and low disparity in the same system; otherwise the high-end equipment cannot perform excellent performance. If high-end mixers, amplifiers, and speakers are equipped with low-end peripherals, the system performance will be greatly reduced and the best results will not be obtained.

4. The adjustment of the equalizer.

The equalizer is used to balance the frequency transmission characteristics of the listening room. When adjusting the equalizer, it is necessary to adjust the gain of 31 frequency points one by one by means of an audio spectrum analysis instrument, thereby obtaining a frequency characteristic curve conforming to the corresponding technical standard. Many people tend to choose to adjust the equalizer by hand, unless you are an experienced expert, otherwise it is impossible to obtain a frequency characteristic curve that meets the corresponding technical standards.



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