Five Characteristics of Digital Broadcasting System

- Aug 16, 2018-

Digital broadcasting is a new way of transmitting wirelessly updated data information to a user's reading terminal by a unified mass data center. The digital broadcasting system has the following characteristics as a new communication system:

1. Multimedia features

Digital broadcasting system publishes multimedia content including graphics, text, video, video, audio and motion, covering the mainstream communication space including traditional plane, film and television media and online network media, and displaying the stereo effect of the spread multimedia in user terminal interface. The mobile receiving end has a strong legacy of functionality, especially in the “point-to-point mass communication” aspect of the existing “point-to-point mass communication” category. The channel, third-party and intelligence of the media will be strengthened.

2. Unscheduled release

Digital broadcasting system is a comprehensive communication system for tasks and purposes. It not only provides high-power universal transmission of professional organizations, but also supports directional transmission of specific user groups, so it can provide periodic customized services in the service cycle. Providing occasional random releases, whether it is a major social emergency or an inter-organizational topic call, you are free to choose the most appropriate time to publish.

3. The amount of information is huge.

Digital broadcasting system publishes and disseminates not only content and information, but also extends to a wider range of programs, standards, technical interfaces, code, tasks, rules, software and hardware upgrades, and many other aspects of the "digital broadcasting system" Beyond the traditional communication system, focusing on the dissemination of content and information, the introduction of the dissemination of hidden news, the dissemination of non-information data and the dissemination of social organization data, the new communication proposal in the future will be as human life All corners.

4. Unprecedented interaction

The Digital broadcasting system has a powerful intelligent platform, which fully interacts with the social crowd around various purposes such as knowledge, life, work, trade, etc. The scope, depth, influence, effect and value-added of the interaction are greatly expanded and improved. The addition of “peer-to-peer” interaction is a core feature of the “digital broadcasting system”.

5. Electronic media

The birth of digital broadcasting system is closely related to the development of electronic media. The innovation, improvement and popularization of electronic media beyond the requirements of paper media is the premise of the "digital broadcasting system". The emergence of electronic media will be used as paper. Historic events as important as the invention of the printing press have had a profound impact on the evolution of mankind and the in-depth development of the knowledge society.



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