Excellent Choice of Microphones

- Jul 23, 2018-

A perfect microphone brings great convenience to people's use and at the same time provides a space for artistic creation for the sounder's live pickup. What microphones are used in different places to better utilize their advantages. Here's how the different microphones used in the microphones are different:

1. In the general use case, the distance is not too far (within 20 or 30 meters). When it is used in conference rooms, multi-purpose halls, etc., it is possible to select a single microphone for microphone oscillation. It can be selected from the types of moving coils and electrets.

2. In the performance bar, theater and other occasions, due to the large movement range, complicated receiving conditions and high requirements, it is recommended to use PLL type, diversity receiving microphone, and the microphone can be selected as a condenser or moving coil ordinary microphone. As for special requirements, you can also choose instrument microphones, chorus microphones, etc.

3. In large theaters, studios, concerts, KTV and other places. A diversity microphone system using PLL reception technology. The number of microphones in these places is large, the receiving environment is complex, and the range is large. Antennas such as antenna amplifiers, distributors, and antennas should also be installed to improve the use effect.

4. Generally speaking, ordinary microphones are cheaper and more expensive. The difference is: ordinary can only pick up the sound to hear clearly, low frequency of the sound is not deep and vigorous; the high frequency is not sweet. Professionals not only have to pick up clear sounds, but the sound quality is perfect. In short, different microphones should be used correctly in different places according to the actual situation.



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