Equipment Regulate and Control Problems of Sound System

- Jul 17, 2018-

There are many kinds of audio equipment, and the sound engineer needs to adjust audio equipment. The human error caused by us mainly occurs during the performance, such as silent, broken sound, return, noise and so on.

1. Mixer channel level attenuation switch: Some mixers add a 20dB level attenuation switch before the gain knob. When the CD and other audio sources are input from the high-impedance port, the level may be higher. It is necessary to press this switch to attenuate the source signal by 20 dB.

2. Mixer gain adjustment: Some sound engineers do not know the importance of the channel gain, this knob is messy, sometimes turn off the gain knob, and even press the 20dB level attenuation switch at the same time, think about this time How small will the sound be?

3. The mixer balance group adjustment: As the name suggests, the mixer is mainly used to adjust the tone, adjust the tone mainly depends on the balance group. It is very simple. It is nothing more than a high school bass plus a few corresponding frequency selection knobs. Although the tone will not be good under normal operation, there will be no performance accidents. However, some sound engineers sometimes turn boldly on the equalization knob. If the bass is added to a large size, the burden on the entire amplifier and the speaker is greatly increased, which may damage the device and the sound is easily distorted.

4. Mixer AUX adjustment: everyone AUX is mainly used to send signals to the effect, in a mixer, if we send signal effects from AUX6, after the effect processing, if the output of 2 signals to the tone The 23-24 channel of the sound station, then the AUX6 knob in the two channels of 23-24 should not be turned on again, otherwise the signal will flow back to the effecter after the effect processing.

5. The mixer sound image: the sound image knob we often regard it as a dispensable thing, but when we use the total output of the left or right output volume, we must pay attention to the sound image. If you use the total output right output signal but the mixer channel pan is hit to the left, it will cause a silent fault, which needs attention.

6. Mixer monitoring and mute switch: the general mixer monitoring and mute switch are close together, must be clear when operating, if you press the mute switch when pressing the monitor switch, it will also cause silent fault.



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