Environmental Sound Recording of Simultaneous Recording

- Oct 08, 2018-

The environmental sound recording of the simultaneous recording is very important. For a short film in 30 minutes, at least one ambient sound of at least 2 minutes should be recorded for each scene.

In a simple synchronous recording device, there is sometimes only one microphone. The recorded ambient sound is mainly used to fill the place where the background sound of the background is jumping, and the ambient sound of the entire scene needs to be found in the sound effect library. The reason is that the sounds of the movies we often make are stereo, even 5.1 surround sound. The ambient sound recorded with only one microphone cannot be used as ambient sound in stereo or surround sound programs. Then when you can use two or more microphones at the same time, the ambient sound must be recorded at least in stereo. If you want to do 5.1 surround sound programs in the future, you should record the surround sound.

Stereo recording with two boom microphones is commonly used for AB recording or XY recording. The AB system is two microphones, one left and one right, the left microphone PAN to the left channel, the right microphone PAN to the right channel, and simultaneous recording; the XY system is that the two microphones cross into 90° and are obliquely forward, left handed The microphone rushes to the right front, PAN to the right channel, the right hand takes the microphone to the left front, PAN to the left channel, and simultaneously records. If you are recording surround sound, you should also use stereo recording at the rear, or record twice in front and rear, so that the left, right, left rear, and right rear channels of 5.1 can have ambient sound material. Of course, we can also use the stereo microphone to record the ambient sound directly. It should be noted that if you are using a stereo microphone made of MS, do not use the MS decoding of the recorder during the same period of recording, so you can adjust the M in the post-production stage. The ratio to S adjusts the width of the stereo image.



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