Electrical Maintenance of the Speaker

- Jul 17, 2018-

Due to the built-in power amplifier, the power amplifier chip is most afraid of large (instantaneous) current direct impact. Therefore, it is best to turn the volume to the minimum and then turn it on when the speaker is turned on. When turning off the power, first turn down the volume and then turn off the power.

After a long time loud volume playback, the rear panel of the speaker will become very hot, it is best to turn off the machine to avoid accidents. A qualified power outlet should be used. When not in use for a long time, turn off the switch and unplug the power cord.

Also, the volume of the speaker should not be too large, at most 1/2 or so, because some songs have extraordinary high-pitched or dynamic zoom, and the speaker will burn out when the volume is full.

In the case of power-on, short-circuiting the speaker cable will cause the short-circuit to burn the speaker, so be careful when handling the wire. The wire tip is preferably soldered to prevent burrs and maintain a suitable length.



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