Eight Precautions for Microphone Use

- Jul 23, 2018-

1. Avoid tapping the microphone and blowing into the microphone during the test sound

Because the pickup part of the microphone is tight and the parts are very delicate, tapping the microphone or blowing into the microphone head can easily cause damage or component displacement, which ultimately affects the sound quality.

2. Avoid the microphone separate the sound source too far

It is best to arrange the microphones at intervals of 10 cm. Some "leadership" speeches are far away from the microphone. Some singers stick to the microphone, too far, causing the pickup sound to be too small. At this time, if the volume fader is pushed up, it is easy to cause a howling; if it is too close, it will be spoken. The sound of the air is also picked up, causing a "beep" noise.

3. Avoid pulling the lead of the microphone

Do not pull the lead of the microphone when submitting the microphone. Because the microphone has a certain weight, often pulling the lead, it is easy to cause the lead to break, the plug contact is not good, resulting in pickup failure.

4. Avoid using the microphone power after the use

When the speech is in the meeting or after the end of the concert, the microphone switch should be turned off in time. At this time, the sound controller does not close the mixer volume fader in time: on the one hand, other noises are also picked up, and on the other hand, you are also taken. Some unwanted speeches are played out. President Bush has had such an experience and caused embarrassment.

5. Avoid mouth sticking to the microphone

Some people do not pay attention to or seek a near-term result when they use it. Often the mouth sticks to the microphone, but I don't know how to not only smash the normal frequency response of the microphone, but also cause great danger to health. There are many germs on the microphone net cover.

6. Do not exit the battery when the microphone is not used for a long time.

At this point, the general wireless microphone or conference microphone is battery powered. If the microphone does not disappear for a long period of time, the battery should be removed to avoid leakage of the battery and corrosion of the microphone.

7. Avoid placing the microphone casually

The microphone is a compact device and should be placed in a clean, dry, non-corrosive gas or dusty place. It should also be handled with care. It must be avoided to fall on the ground; otherwise it will be destroyed in all likelihood.

8. For condenser microphones, avoid blind and phantom voltage

Because the capacitance of a condenser microphone requires polarization to work properly, it is necessary to add a phantom voltage when using a condenser microphone. We must open the phantom power switch on the mixer, and pay attention to the voltage value and polarity. Otherwise, it can not only be used normally, but may cause damage.



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