Effect of Earphone Diaphragm Materials on Sound Quality

- Aug 16, 2018-

Headphones are one of our most frequently used portable devices. A good headset not only allows you to enjoy high sound quality and listen to richer details, but also protects our hearing from those bad headphones. The factors affecting the sound quality of the headphones are mainly the speaker unit and the wire, especially the quality of the speaker unit directly determines the quality of the sound.

For the most commonly used dynamic headphones, there are many factors that affect the quality of the speaker unit, and the diaphragm is one of the key components for the speaker unit to have good quality. The so-called diaphragm is actually a component that is sensitive to changes in the magnetic field. When the electrical signal passes through the coil, the magnetic field changes cause the diaphragm to be deformed by force. Since the electrical signal changes rapidly, the diaphragm vibrates at high speed, and then the vibration of the diaphragm is transmitted to the air, thereby generating sound waves. In this process, the quality of the diaphragm determines the overall quality of the headset.

There are many types of diaphragms, such as paper diaphragm, wood diaphragm, plastic diaphragm, metal diaphragm, bio-diaphragm, etc. Generally, in the earphone, the design of the diaphragm is lighter in weight and better in rigidity. Well, such a diaphragm can completely convert the kinetic energy of the coil into sound. For most of the dynamic ring headphones currently on the market, the plastic diaphragm is basically used.

Whether in headphones or speakers, the ideal vibration state of the diaphragm is that the diaphragm should be activated immediately when the voice coil is activated. When the voice coil does not have audio current flowing through it, the diaphragm should stop immediately.

However, compared with other diaphragm materials, the rigidity of the plastic diaphragm is relatively poor, and the weak rigidity of the plastic material causes high-speed micro-motion (when working in high frequency range), the kinetic energy emitted by the voice coil cannot be completely and consistently transmitted to the whole. Although the diaphragm has good damping properties, it is impossible to make perfect piston motion, so the distortion rate is relatively improved. In the sense of hearing, there will be obvious problems of poor resolution and lack of dynamics. The intermediate frequency to the intermediate frequency is also prone to sluggishness and poor connection.

The name of the bio-diaphragm sounds a bit mysterious. It is a kind of bacterial cellulose, which is a metabolite of acetic acid bacteria. This fiber is a kind of nano-scale fiber. The film after drying can have much higher than the average. The rigidity of synthetic fibers for the diaphragm can have good high frequency extension and resolution. Moreover, the vibration conduction speed of this material is extremely high, and it has a good effect for reducing high frequency distortion.

The carbon fiber mycelial diaphragm is characterized by good rigidity, large internal resistance, small distortion, high resolution, and delicate and soft sound, which can make the real sound effect in the game. Not only can it handle small musical details, but it can also restore the various sounds that are simultaneously sounded in the music.

Since the main function of the diaphragm is vibration, one that affects the dynamic behavior of the vibration is elasticity, and the other is inertia. The diaphragm with sufficient rigidity and the linear elastic diaphragm must have better vibration dynamics, which can restore/play back the sound signal reasonably and its audio performance will be balanced. The light weight of the diaphragm must be relatively small, so the clarity/details of the sound will perform very well. The diaphragm designed with biomaterials is lighter, and the light diaphragm is beneficial to the improvement of sharpness and the reduction of high frequency bands, and the sound performance will be better.



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