Echo Problem in Video Conference

- Oct 29, 2018-

Once there is an echo in the conference TV network, it is likely that the entire network will have an echo. Therefore, when debugging, be sure to debug the sounds in the main venue together with each sub-site to determine which conference caused the echo. In the debugging process of the conference television system, the discovery and elimination of echoes is a topic that needs to be solved by the system purchase and installation personnel. In the video conference, after the voice signal of the conference site is transmitted to the conference site, the microphone of the conference is entered, and the audio equipment such as the console and the video conference system is transmitted back to the conference site, resulting in hearing the delay sound after the conference, this sound is called the echo in the video conference. The obvious characteristic of the echo at this time is that the echo has a significant delay compared to the voice of the self; the echo is generally smaller than the voice of the voice; for the echo that is transmitted through the air, the echo is definitely better than the sound of the sound due to the energy consumption. The size of the echo is related to the size of the sound source, the way it is transmitted, and the surrounding environment.



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