Dynamic Wireless Microphone Is Different from Condenser Wireless Microphone

- Apr 03, 2019-

Dynamic type wireless microphone diaphragm: Since the diaphragm must load more than 100 times the voice coil itself, it cannot be used too lightly, so the total weight of the diaphragm is more than 1000 times larger than that of the capacitor. The dynamic wireless microphone uses a thickness of about one-tenth of the moving coil type, and the ultra-light diaphragm with a total weight of about one-thousandth or less directly senses the sound pressure, exhibiting superior physical properties.

Voice coil: The dynamic wireless microphone is loaded on the diaphragm with a voice coil to convert the sensed sound pressure into an electrical signal. The dynamic wireless microphone does not require a voice coil at all.

Signal output: The dynamic wireless microphone is output directly from the voice coil or via a coupling transformer. The moving coil type wireless microphone is coupled out by a field strength transistor (FET) or a vacuum tube.

Frequency response: The dynamic wireless microphone is not extended due to the thick diaphragm and voice coil; the impedance of the voice coil and the conversion efficiency of the magnetic field are attenuated with the decrease of the frequency, and the response of the low range is also deteriorated. And because of the ultra-thin diaphragm, the direct sensing of the sound pressure to convert the electrical signal, so the frequency response can be extended from ultra low frequency to ultrasonic.


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