Does the Placement of the Speakers Affect the Sound?

- Jul 18, 2018-

Yes. The height of the placement should first be determined by referring to the recommended method in the manufacturer's instructions.

Due to the different acoustic characteristics of each listening environment, the placement of the speakers will have a certain impact on the sound quality.

(1) The two speakers are too far apart, the middle image is poor, the sound field is hollow, and the sound is scattered.

(2) The speaker is too close to the back wall and it is not easy to reproduce the original sound field.

(3) The speaker is closer to the side wall and produces a strong first reflection, reducing the accuracy of the image.

Therefore, due to the environment, the speaker and the original index are quite different, and can be adjusted by the cadence. The general speaker is placed in an equilateral triangle with the listener. If you have spare parts, you can put the speakers in the room one-third of the length of the room, so that you can take good stage sound reproduction.



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