Detailed Explanation of the Function of the Amplifier

- Jul 17, 2018-

There are basically two types of amplifiers on the market: pure power amplifiers, such as independent six-amplifiers; amplifiers with surround sound signal decoding. It undertakes multiple tasks such as switching of audio and video sources, decoding of surround sound signals, and signal parameter control of each channel. Its function is as follows:

(1) Signal processing. The amplifier typically contains a surround sound decoder. This is one of the main differences between home theater amplifiers and general high-fidelity Hi-Fi amplifiers. How many surround sound systems there are, and how many matched amplifiers that can perform surround sound decoding. The performance of surround sound decoding directly affects the actual effect of home theater. Therefore, the amplifier is a key device in the home theater.

(2) The amplifier must have sufficient output power and a large dynamic range. Constrained by surround sound decoding, how many surround sound channels, how many independent amplifiers have amplifiers, amplify the signals of each channel, and require each amplifier to maintain consistent performance in terms of parameters.

(3) Complete input/output terminals. The home theater amplifier has input/output terminals, including S Video, as well as surround sound decoded signal output and 5.1 channel analog input terminals. The former can be used for other equipment, and the latter can be used as a backup for future equipment upgrades.

(4) Auxiliary function. Some amplifiers have an FM/AM tuner. Generally, there are 16 to 110 radio stations preselected.

(5) Remote control function. The amplifier is operated in the form of an infrared remote control.



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