Design Features of Small Recording Studio

- Oct 08, 2018-

1. The difference in acoustic conditions has a large impact on the final result. For example, in a large room with the same reverberation time and the same sound source, add another piece of the same sound absorbing material board. Since the sound absorbing material board is close to the sound source in the small room, the sound energy of the sound absorbing material board is large, and the actual sound absorption amount is also large. At the same time, due to the short distance traveled in the small room, the time spent is small. That is to say, after adding the sound absorbing material board, the reverberation time of the small room will be much smaller than the reverberation time of the large room.

2. After the renovation, the actual reverberation time adjustment means has large constraints. After the renovation, the actual adjustment of the parameters in the small room is relatively small, and the space requirements are relatively high.

3. The design of ventilation is high. First, it is required to have good ventilation facilities, and second, it is required to effectively control the noise of the ventilation passage.

4. The influence of the normal mode of the small room is more prominent. The normal mode (an overlap of standing waves at a certain frequency is called a normal mode) illustrates the distribution of the inherently normal frequency of the room. The length, width and height of small rooms should be avoided as much as possible or close to integer multiples, in case the sound in the room is excessively strengthened or weakened at a certain frequency.

5. Small room can tremble the low-frequency sound of animal parts. In the decoration, the decorative panels, sound-absorbing panels, wooden floors, lampshades and venting nets must be fixed and stable; otherwise they will easily form severe low-frequency sounding in the small room with the vibration of sound waves.

6. The calculation of the reverberation time of a small room may not consider the attenuation of sound waves in the air.



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