Delay Time Processing of Sound Amplifying System

- Jul 19, 2018-

1. Delay time processing of outdoor sound amplifying system

Nowadays, large-scale outdoor performances flow a lot, because outdoor performances are generally large in area. If the sound is distorted by distributed speakers, it is difficult to make the sounds consistent. Therefore, most of the large outdoor performances currently use centralized sound reinforcement methods, not in the audience area. Set the auxiliary sound box to directly radiate the sound of the main speaker to the audience. If the premise is limited, it is necessary to set up an auxiliary sound box in the audience area. If the interval between the auxiliary speaker and the main speaker is 170 meters, according to the principle of sound 340 m / s, then we can delay the signal of the auxiliary speaker. The delay is 0.5 seconds, which is 500 milliseconds, so that the sounds of the main and auxiliary speakers can reach the audience's ears almost simultaneously, thus ensuring the consistency of the sound image. Of course, this is more troublesome. Nowadays, large outdoor performances generally use large line array speakers, which can project the sound farther and make the sound image more concentrated.

2. Delay time processing of indoor sound amplifying system

As in the outdoor, in a large-area indoor sound reinforcement system, if the interval between the main speaker and the auxiliary speaker is far away, the delay device needs to be used for delay processing. Of course, the object of the delay should be selected. The main audience is mainly in the area, and the auxiliary speakers near this area are delayed. The delay time depends on the interval between the audio and the main speakers.

In most indoor sound reinforcement systems, because the sound field is not large, the spacing between the speakers is not too far, so there is no need to use a delay, which is why the audio delay is not available in the sound system.


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