Conference Room Sound Quality Requirements

- Jul 10, 2018-

The sound quality requirements of the conference room are relatively high, especially the language sound, requiring equalization and no distortion of the spectrum, which sounds effortless. For the sound of music, in addition to the requirements of clarity (clearness) and loudness, there are requirements for fullness, space and balance.

Fullness refers to the enhancement and setting effect on the direct sound due to the reflected sound of each interface when listening in the hall. The sound quality environment lacking reflection is dry and silent. Sometimes the sound quality rich in low-frequency reflection sound is called warmth, and the sound quality rich in medium-high reflection sound is called active.

The definition of sound quality is also called Clarity. It can be divided into horizontal and vertical definition. The former refers to the degree of separation and discernability of successive notes, that is, the melody of the rapid and continuous playing section can be heard. The latter refers to the degree of discernability of the notes of the voices played at the same time, that is, the transparency and layering of the music.

Music and balance refer to the balance and coordination of the low, medium and high-pitched parts, that is, the natural sound is not distorted or distorted. The spatial sense of music has a wide range of meanings, including the contour of the sound source, the three-dimensional sense, and the horizontal widening of the sound source and the sense of depth extension. It can also include the sense of surround of music, that is, the feeling of being surrounded by music.

The intimacy of sound quality refers to the feeling of listening to the hall in a small hall, that is, the auditory impression of the size of the hall.

It is generally believed that good sound quality should have four characteristics:

(1) There is an appropriate balance between fullness and clarity;

(2) It has a suitable loudness;

(3) It has a certain sense of space;

(4) It has a good tone, that is, the low, medium and high frequency parts have a good balance, and the sound is not distorted or distorted.



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