Condenser Microphone Maintenance Tips

- Jul 23, 2018-

The microphone may be the most frequently replaced equipment in many dance halls, and it is often a headache for many home users. To improve the life of the microphone, it is necessary to properly maintain it. Here we will introduce you to the most important aspect of the condenser microphone maintenance skills - to avoid the hot plug operation of the microphone!

Most of the condenser microphones on the market today are powered by phantom power, which is most connected to the mixer via a microphone cable for power supply. Therefore, you should try to avoid hot swapping the microphone. Frequent large voltage fluctuations will greatly reduce the life of the microphone.

So try to connect the microphone to the mixer before starting a channel, then turn it on again. If your vacuum tube microphone can be connected directly to a power source, it is equally important to avoid hot swapping. Do not turn on the power switch of the microphone when you connect the microphone to the mixer.

For many vacuum tube microphones, it takes some time to preheat before the optimal operating condition is reached. Microphone manufacturers often advise you to warm up the microphone for 2 to 3 minutes up to 15 minutes. So once you turn on the microphone, keep it in working state until the end of the recording, which will maximize the life of your microphone.



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