Computer Audio Solutions

- Jun 15, 2018-

In order to gain good sound quality on your own computer, it is a huge system for professionals. It is based on relatively complete assembly machine hardware and must be higher than the requirements of basic peripherals. Overall, it can be divided into sound sources and Output two major aspects.

  Have you paid attention to the audio source? First of all, at the beginning of the article, it is necessary to mention the importance of audio sources. Music from genuine CDs is the better source of audio in the civil field so far. If you are a hardcore music enthusiast, supporting the purchase of genuine CDs is the most basic guidelines for audiophiles. .

  Second, it is music quality, including basic digital information such as sample rate and bit rate. Generally used are MP3, AAC, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV six music formats.

  The sound quality of the WAV music format is good, but the larger size results in a lower level of application and is generally not used; given that the higher bit rate of the MP3 format is 320 Kbps, AAC music files using the new algorithm provide better sound quality in a smaller volume.

  Players accustomed to using iTunes as the default music player should have a deep understanding. When an MP3 format music is created as AAC format, the sound quality improvement sounds quite obvious, but the disadvantage is that the original does not support commonly used lossless format music. .

  What is Lossless Music: Lossless music is music that is compressed with 100% of all the sound details of a music scene. It compresses the volume of an audio file smaller and can be restored to the same size and sameness as the source file. The code rate, truly lossless, allows you to get the best sound quality experience. Common lossless music formats include WAV, FLAC, APE, and TTA. In general, lossless sound quality can be equated with CD sound quality.

  The sound card is the audio core component. With a higher quality sound source assurance, next depends on the hardware output performance. The sound card is the core component of managing computer audio. It is integrated on the main board. Although it only occupies a small part of CPU resources, it is designed by the motherboard manufacturers. Differences in the layout and workmanship of onboard sound cards directly affect the audio performance of a computer.



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