Computer Audio Production and Recording Analysis

- Aug 06, 2018-

In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, the arrival of the Internet era, computers have been used by all walks of life, but also have a major impact. At present, the application of computers in audio production and recording has also received extensive attention, which has a significant role in audio production and sound recording, and has become increasingly important in DTM studios. This article will effectively analyze and explore the production and recording of computer audio, and clarify the impact of the current development of the computer on the production and recording of audio, so that the computer can be used more correctly in audio production and recording.

At this stage, with the widespread use of computers, computers have become increasingly prominent in audio production and recording. In terms of audio production and recording, the computer mainly uses a computer to convert MIDI into a digital audio signal, and then performs echo, chorus and reverberation effects, and adds the effect sound of the recording person and the natural world to make it into a WAV file. According to the required file format, the WAV file is converted to a certain value and then converted into the required file. The application of computer in audio production has changed the phenomenon of audio and recording in the past application hardware, but it is edited by software to make it more professional. It should also be noted that when recording the sound, pay attention to the position of the microphone, and whether the position of the microphone is scientific, directly affects the effect of the recording.

First, audio production analysis

Audio production mainly uses two parts of hardware and software in the computer: the hardware mainly includes computers and audio cards; there are many softwares, such as Samplitude2496, Sound Forge, Cool Edit Pro, etc. Only when the software and hardware are perfectly combined and coordinated, can a satisfactory audio work be produced.

(1) Application of audio production hardware

At present, the hardware used in audio production mainly includes computers and audio cards. The application of computers and audio cards completely breaks the phenomenon of making audio by using expensive hardware devices. With the continuous development of the current state of the art, the cost of audio production has not been as much as the previous production requires a lot of cost investment, many personal music studios are established, and the computer is the working center of the music room. While current personal music studios primarily use software for audio production, hardware is equally important in the studio. In the production of audio, the personal music studio requires a higher configuration of the computer, so that the audio can be processed more quickly, especially for some special audio processing software, they will have different levels requirements of computer configuration. But it is not required to use a very high configuration of the computer, CSU can meet the audio production above PIII, and the memory should be above 256M, the bigger the hard disk, the better.

(2) Software application

There are a lot of computer audio production softwares. For beginners, you can use Cool Edit Pro 2.0 for audio production. This software is suitable for beginners. Cool Edit Pro is a multi-track digital audio software that combines sound recording, mixing, editing, and more. In the audio processing software, Cool Edit Pro has a rich audio processing method, which can effectively process 64-track audio signals. It has parameter adjustment function, and also has professional dynamic processing capability, which is convenient and simple to operate.

Second, computer recording analysis

Computer recording, first of all to consider the choice of microphones, if conditions permit, it is best to choose condenser microphones, but to fully consider the virtual phantom power supply problem.

Second, we must fully consider the layout method of the microphone. One or two microphones are used for normal recording. If you are recording a piano, then you must use a certain method to record. One is to place the microphone in the center of the keyboard, preferably near the hammer, or at the center of the string, or at the bottom of the piano.

When recording an acoustic guitar, place the microphone behind the bridge or place it over the neck that is attached to the body and align with the hole.

When recording the violin, place the microphone a few feet above the instrument and align it with the F hole near the instrument to ensure that the sound is fully acquired and released.

When recording the oboe, clarinet, and flute, you place the microphone on the finger hole for better sound.

When recording a person's voice, if the microphone and the person's mouth are in a horizontal state, the obtained sound will be full of power, but the human voice and the sound will be heavier; if the microphone is placed in the population Above, the treble part will be highlighted, the treble will be very bright, get the desired effect; if the microphone is placed under the population, the bass part will be emphasized, and the bass part will also be obtained.

In addition, the distance between the microphone and the actor also affects the effect of the recording. When the distance between the microphone and the actor is 1-5CM, it is more suitable for singers who sing small sounds and popular songs. The sound clarity of this distance is relatively high, and the obtained sound is also pure. When the distance between the microphone and the singer is 5-10CM, the singer's vocabulary will be clearer and suitable for the singer of the national singing. When the distance between the microphone and the singer reaches 10-20CM, it is very suitable for the singer of the Bel Canto because the sound that is spread will be fuller.

It can be seen that when recording, the selection of the microphone and the placement position of the microphone have a very important influence on the sound quality of the recording. Therefore, when using the computer for audio production and recording, it is necessary to pay great attention to this.

At present, with the continuous development of technology, computers have been widely used in audio production and recording. From the actual development, the application of computer in audio production and recording has achieved remarkable results, and changed the previous production methods mainly based on expensive hardware, and the application software makes the audio and recording achieve better results. . Since computer audio production is a relatively complicated task, in the audio production, careful consideration and comparison, proper use of computer technology, and repeated audiovisual and debugging, to obtain satisfactory high-quality audio works.



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